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Marcelo Jacome
Circular - arte na Praça, São Paulo 2019 - 2020
Marcelo Jacome, 700.000 heures, Lençois Maranhenses 2019 Monumental - arte na Marina da Glória, Rio de Janeiro 2016, 2017, 2018 Janaina Tschäpe, Louis Vuitton, Miami 2013
Joana Vasconcelos Joana Vasconcelos LuzBoa 2006 LuzBoa 2004
Exercícios de Luz, Rio de Janeiro 2012
Joana Vasconcelos, Venice, 2007
“LuzBoa” Biennale of the Art of Light, Lisbon, 2006 “LuzBoa” Biennale of the Art of Light, Lisbon, 2004
Walk on the Soho Side Avant-Garde Walk a Venezia    
“Walk on the SoHo Side”,
New York,
“Avant-Garde Walk a Venezia”, Venice, 1995    





Public Art

Public art invites artists to create site specific works adapted to the places concerned. For temporary exhibitions, this can be in gardens, squares, parks… dialogue with architects' proposals for specific projects to enhance the public spaces of the buildings they design… Public Art allows you to play with light, sound, smells, to imagine projects linked to water in a different way than with traditional fountains… public art shows that art is not reserved for a small number of people, privileged collectors, but concerns everyone. It opens up a real dialogue with the public, architects, landscapers and, of course, artists. It is also an opportunity to create links between them and allows to organize educational workshops with schoolchildren and students.