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Joana Vasconcelos
LuzBoa 2006
LuzBoa 2004
Walk on the Soho Side
Circular - Adolpho Bloch: Árvore! 1ª Edição - 2019
Circular - Adolpho Bloch: Artistas se divertem - 2ª Edição 2020 Circular - Adolpho Bloch: Sentar - Ler - Escrever - 3ª Edição 2020/2021 Circular - Adolpho Bloch: Orgânico 4ª Edição - 2021
Avant-Garde Walk a Venezia
Avant-Garde Walk a Venezia    
Circular - Victor Civita: Rizza 2021 Circular - Vinicius de Moraes: “Meu tempo é quando” 2021    





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At the invitation of Farah Service https://farahservice.com.br/ which, since 1986 creates and carries out projects for the rehabilitation and maintenance of several public spaces in the city of São Paulo, including more than 40 km of bike lanes, Marc Pottier imagined the project Circular - Arte na Praça Adolpho Bloch. The idea is to invite artists three times a year to dialogue with the spaces of the square. The first version was on the theme of the Tree, the second version was about Artists Playing, the third version was called Sit - Read - Writ’. The next project is called “Orgânico” and will open in 2021. The success of the project at the square Adolpho Bloch, gave place to other projects in other parts of São Paulo, and are planned for the near future, such as the one to be inaugurated at the Praça Vinicius de Moraes with the participation of students from the School of Fine Arts of São Paulo. Also in 2021, the Praça Civita invited its first artist to invest the space, something planned to happen twice a year.