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What drives Marc Pottier in a life where private and work are closely intertwined and often confused? Defending the art of his generation. After having hesitated to devote himself to the promotion of contemporary authors, he finally chose the visual arts, in what resembles a family tradition where landscaping, architecture and the direction of the Louvre museum, are part of the legacy brought by his ancestors. With an admittedly atypical CV that led him from the world of sales in public auctions, to the training of collectors, to the cultural services of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to be today an independent art curator, he has always had one and same motivation: the devotion of promoting the work of contemporary artists. Today, a specialist in modern and contemporary art with a focus on art in public spaces, for more than 30 years, Marc Pottier, French, lives between Brazil and France. He is an author of books on Brazilian art and culture. Since 2015, believing that the digital world has become a major means of promoting talent, he has been involved with cultural television programs and digital platforms.



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