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Portugal, 2005

When António da Veiga Pinto and l launched ADIAC – Portugal in April 2005, our intention was to make the publication one of the most effective instruments for achieving our goal of promoting contemporary art from Portugal on an international stage. However, as a non-profit making association, we had not expected to have the opportunity of publishing our first book as early as the following November.

Publishing is a means for ADIAC to focus on its main aim: providing the most complete view possible of recognised artists who, for different reasons, have not yet had compilations their work published. The aim of our books is to interest not only the curious reader and the general public, but also to be of use in a professional capacity for collectors, curators of foreign museums, commissioners of exhibitions and international galleries who are as yet unfamiliar with the work of artists living in Portugal. The country boasts a large number of artists of a high level who, for varying reasons, are not yet well known abroad. Our goal is to invert this tendency by supporting and promoting the work of these artists to the best of our abilities, without supplanting the role of cultural institutions or art galleries.

As an association of collectors, ADIAC enjoys the luxury of being able to set its own priorities, independently of any promotional strategies determined by the market. This first book dedicated to the work of Miguel Palma, represents the first step in what we hop will be a long publishing history.

Not only has the work of Miguel Palma deserved a book for a long time - a publishing opportunity that ADIAC seized with enormous pleasure – but we also consider ourselves twinned with the already famous ARÍETE project. Both were born at the same time and with similar objectives: Miguel Palma went off to invade 46 international museum spaces with the aim of imprinting his vision on them; the goal of ADIAC is the international promotion of contemporary art.

I would like to end with a word of thanks to our partner and friend João Pinto de Sousa. Thanks to his experience in publishing and the PÚBLICO newspaper, ADIAC has been able to achieve its publishing ambitions sooner than we expected!

Marc Pottier















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