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CPZ - Public Art and Culture

CPZ (Cazotte, Pottier, Zaquin) is a professional global practice dedicated to Public Art (creations within public spaces) and culture.

Tailored-in projects

Cultural values together with social, urban, professional or corporate criterias are carefully studied before proposals are made. We cover every aspect of the project, from analysis to implementation. We remain in constant dialogue with our clients to ensure a perfect result.

Multi-profesionnal teams and corporate environment. CPZ has a long term experience of projects realisation within multi-professional environments.

CPZ - International practice

CPZ has worked with a multiplicity of artists from every background including worldwide celebrities as well as new comers. We have developed a thorough expertise on quality and management control.

CPZ has organised projects in Brazil, Portugal, USA, Great Britain, Belgium and Middle East. We are currently particularly involved in Abu-Dhabi and Manama (Bahrain).

Experience - Past, Extracts

Lisbon, Portugal (Lisbon City hall and Ministry of Culture): Biennale of light.

An international event gathering a group of 40 worldwide artists on the theme of light. The objective was to enhance the historical patrimony of Lisbon and rediscover specific areas.

Nantes, France. Court house. (Conseil General du Maine et Loire, in partnership with Axa Art, Cogedim, Radisson group).

A project including the transformation of the building into a four Stars hotel and a contemporary art center. The cultural project includes a specific program in accordance with social, cultural and Urban issues. Relationships in between opera and contemporary art are particularly developed. To open in 2012.

Venise. Avant-Garde Walk
The project gathered a team of eighteen artists who adapted their works to specific areas with a particular concern for water and light.

New York, Walk on the SoHo Side,
A rediscovery of SoHo’s cultural identity through artistic installations.

Experience - New projects, extracts

Abu Dhabi. Project for two parks with the theme of light.

In collaboration with Moatti & Rivière, architects, proposal for a corporate environment.

CPZ – Team

Marc Pottier
Trained as an auctioneer in Paris (Etude Briest – now Artcurial), Marc joined Urban, a Japanese art collection based both in Nagoya, Tokyo, New York and Paris. He subsequently spent six years in New York as an independent curator organizing exhibition in the USA, Europe and Brazil such as Dan Flavin and Rodchenko. He joined the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Cultural Attaché in Rio de Janeiro and then Lisbon where he organised and curated exhibitions and events such as Picasso’s ceramics or « Luzboa », the first Biennale of the Art of Light. In 2007, he started his own company developing an international curatorship with particular dedication to community culture and gardens. He is currently leading the « Garden of light » project in Abu Dhabi and preparing a Picasso exhibition in Bahrain. He was adviser to the Chairman of the Association de préfiguration du Centre Européen de Création Contemporaine de l’île Seguin de Boulogne Billancourt (2007), for the CivEurop Foundation for the first web guide on European culture.

Marie Laure de Cazotte
Has studied Art history in both France (Sorbonne) and England (Christie’s Education.). She has been involved in International development at Christie’s London, with a specific role in Monaco, Belgium and Switzerland, in auction organization and client advising. She has created and directed Christie’s Education in France and has published numerous articles on collectors, museums and exhibitions. In 1999 she set up and headed Philips, de Pury (LVMH) in France. With 20 years of experience in advising, project development and management, she started her own company in 2004, dealing with private transactions for worldwide collectors, advising and organizing exhibition such as «On Earth and in Heaven, Landscape in Photography of the 2Oth Century». She also is a cultural adviser to Cogedim and was nominated for the creation of the contemporary art program of the Palais de Justice de Nantes.

Nathalie Zaquin-Boulakia
Holds a Major in law and is a member of the Barreau de Paris, Nathalie worked for the Francis Briest auction house (currently Artcurial) before joining Christie’s in London, New York and Paris as director of the Impressionist and Modern department. Internationally known for her experience, expertise and large network within the art trade and private collections world she guides the choice of private clients. Using her-depth knowledge of 20th century history of art, she has organised numerous exhibitions as «Art and Gastronomy», “The States of Mickey” or “Calder, a Poetical Equilibrium“. She has lectured at Christie’s Education and at the ESSEC and has been published in art magazines.