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Projects > Other Productions > Series of lectures on “Public Art, from the Object to the Environment”

Rice Univesity, Houston
University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
Casa do Saber, Rio de Janeiro
Casa França-Brasil, Rio de Janeiro
ECCO – Cultural Center for Contemporary Art, Brasilia
Espaço de Cultura Contemporânea - Escola São Paulo, São Paulo

With Public Art, creation goes down from its pedestal, opening new dialogues and situations, creating a museum without walls or a new artistic vision in the open air. Contemporary creation in public spaces establishes a new and rich conversation between town planners, architects, landscape gardeners, artists, designers, sociologists and the public at large. Today, Public Art is no more an art of statuary put in squares, gardens or parks. Public Art is done site specifically and cannot be sold, becoming, when not linked to a temporary event, part of an indefectible patrimony.

Diversity and openness are also key aspects of this adventure. Artists can work on sidewalks or street lamps, in airports, railway or subway stations, parking lots or rivers, use sounds, lights or video projections, paint on different buildings, create an ephemeral or permanent work...everything is almost possible or thinkable.

More and more, artists like and want to intervene differently, look for new challenges having nothing to do with the "objects" of the market. Not to speak about the Bauhaus, De Stijl, Land Art & Earth Art, they regularly have been concerned by the city and the landscape, they even claim the right of Art to be integrated to the day to day life, participating to the urban conception, requalification of a site or conception of public's equipment.