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Françoise Schein
Françoise Schein
“Human Rights Walk”
Rio de Janeiro, 2001-2002






Public Art > Permanent Works

Public Art with permanent works allows inviting artists to create site specific works realized in different locations such as gardens, façades, car parks up to other day-to-day spaces such as buses, subways… It allows to play with the light of the spaces, to introduce water in a less traditional way than fountains we are used to see, to draw the ground of sidewalks or places… It is this artist’s talent which works in the public spaces which helps to prove that art is not owned by a small privileged group of art lovers. Public Art opens to dialogue with architects and town planners but more effectively with the public for which these works are done. These works characterize afterwards the locations of cities where they are installed. For example the Buren’s columns are now totally linked with the Palais Royal in Paris, such as Jeff Koons’ flower dog with the Guggenheim done by Frank Gehry in Bilbao.

In parallel with the art works, are organized meetings with pupils and students, not to mention the workshops done with art schools.



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